Merchants Fabrication has been providing sub-contract custom fabrication and manufacturing for over 40 years. Here are some of the industries we serve.

Aerospace Projects

We are experienced working with the aerospace industry, including satellite and engine test units, and custom trailers for the military.


Food and Beverage Industry

Merchants Fabrication has extensive experience serving the food industry from food storage to inspection equipment.


Merchants Fabrication's staff has extensive experience fabricating housing and operational equipment for the medical industry. Show below is a power housing for an MRI machine and a storage rack system for blood transport.

Paper Industry

Merchants Fabrication has been supplying the paper industry with custom fabrications for over 35 years. Here are some of the stainless steel fabricators we have built.

Specialty Equipment Manufacturing

Merchants Fabrication has been serving the specialty equipment manufacturing industry since its inception. We have vast experience in manufacturing machine bases, cabinets, and enclosures using various materials.

Instrument CabinetStainless steel cabinet for cleaning computer chips

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